Stallholder opportunities

Please note: all food & Beverage pitches have now been filled
WrabFest welcomes interest from stall holders, below are details of how to get involved and how to book your pitch.
Please bear in mind that WrabFest is a boutique music festival and not a trade show, so this year we are giving priority to those stall holders that can enhance that festival spirit for our visitors, those with amazing and unique products and services, very well decorated and presented stalls. Perhaps use the picture above for inspiration.
Thank you for being part of the WrabFest community. We hope you have a very successful day trading and have lots of fun.

Basic Information WrabFest has space for only 30 stalls measuring 3 mt. x 3 mt, so please book early.
Each pitch costs £30.00 with an additional £5.00 for electricity hook up.
You will need to provide your own marquee/stall, measuring a maximum 3 mt. x 3 mt.
If you require more space you will need to book additional pitches at £30.00 per extra pitch.
Payments must be made within five days of receiving a confirmation e-mail that your application has been successful. Payments methods and details will be sent to you once booking has been confirmed. Please note: Payment on the day will not be accepted.
The deadline for booking your pitch is July 20th 2019.
You will receive two complimentary entry tickets per pitch and one vehicle pass
If you require further tickets these must be booked in advance via the tickets page on the website
WrabFest opens its gates to the public at 11 am. All stalls must be set and vehicles moved to the stall-holders car-park up by 10.15 at the latest
Stall-holder gates open from 8 am.
We ask that you remain trading until at least 5 pm, you may stay until 8.30 pm if you wish. Stands must be cleared out completely by 9 pm
There will be space for one vehicle in the stallholders car park. Any additional vehicles will need to park in the public car-park by 10.30 am.

Terms & Conditions

Non Compliance
The organisers reserve the right to reject or cancel bookings for this and other events from any stall holder failing to comply with any of the aforementioned conditions or with any reasonable request made by the organisers or their staff, either verbally or in writing.
The stall holder may also be asked to leave the site immediately.
In this situation there will be no claim against the organisers.
Stall holders will be held responsible for any loss or damage that they cause to the event site.
Before submitting your booking form please check the box which indicates that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions as stated by WrabFest regarding renting a pitch.

Abandonment & Limitation.
In the event of cancellation, abandonment, postponement or limitation of the event, there will be no claim against the organisers who reserve the right to transfer the event to another venue and/or date.
The organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss of earnings or expenses incurred by the stall holder as the result of cancellation, abandonment or limitation of the event, the failure of electricity supply, inclement weather, incorrect or non-appearance of advertisements, removal of directional signs or any other factor.
Booking fees will not be refunded should inclement weather or factors beyond the control of the organisers affect the event.

The use of a public address system from any stand will be prohibited unless prior permission has been obtained from the organisers.
The use of small, quiet diesel fuelled portable generators will be permitted subject to written approval from organisers – please refer to fire precautions below.
A potable water supply will be available on site but cannot be piped to individual Pitches

Claims, indemnity & Insurance.
Each stall holder shall indemnify the organisers against all liabilities, actions, costs, claims and compensations for injury or loss to any persons, or damages as a result of his/her involvement in the event.
Each stall holder must adequately insure to cover all his/her liabilities.
The organisers are not liable for any theft, loss or damage to persons or property which the stall holder, their agent or staff may cause or sustain from any cause whatsoever.

All stall holders should minimise the waste produced in association with their stall. Recycling bins will be provided. Non-recyclable waste must be taken away by stall holders.

One 13A socket outlet will be available (if booked). All electrical equipment must be PAT tested. Maximum power available to each stand will be 500 watt.
If you need more power than this then you must contact the organisers prior to the event.

Goods Sold
Goods sold must be those described on the booking forms. If there are any changes to your goods please let us know in advance.
Stall holders shall not make admission charges or hold raffles or similar to their stand except with prior permission from the organisers.

Fire preventionNo generators, petrol or other flammable substances, open flames or fires are to be brought onto the field without the written consent of the event organisers.
Please make yourself aware of the emergency exits and procedures.
Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area.

Trading Standards & Health & Safety All holders must be aware of and comply with any relevant trading standards, licensing and other requirements and legislation related to their activities.

Cancellations WrabFest will refund in full any cancellations made before the 30th June, after that date no refunds will be available unless we can fill your cancelled pitch from the waiting list.
The organisers cannot accept liability for loss or damage to stall holder stock or belongings or equipment and will not be responsible for monitoring the security of stall holder equipment/and or stock.
Allocation of Pitches and facilities is at the discretion of the organisers. Stall holders will be notified of their pitch location on the day.
Should a stall holder wish to withdraw their application after 1st July 2019, the organisers reserve the right to retain all monies paid.

Stall holders Booking Form