What is this thing called WrabFest?

The site will have large marquees with seating in both as well as numerous straw bales outside for seating. The event runs over 12 hours 11am to 11pm, with the family/child activities finishing around 5pm


After this flexible 5pm time frame the entertainment gradually becomes more centralised towards the North Eastern part of the site, so that the west part of the site becomes less populated. Entertainment on offer includes.

  • Live music performed on two stages.
  • Bouncy castle area.
  • In-house food outlets
  • In-house bars
  • Performances and demonstrations in the “Arena” such as Falconer displays, dog shows etc.
  • Children’s activity area, crafts, entertainers etc.
  • Side shows such as coconut shy, splat the rat etc.
  • A free-range play area for children, hay bales, football etc.
    There will also be a number of outside stallholders selling wares such as
    So, to summarise, the event covers a wide range of activities over the whole site and day, but after about 5pm it morphs into just a music festival leaving the stages, food and bar activities to operate until close.